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Upclose Studio is a multimedia and video production company that is dedicated to creating innovative and engaging content for our clients. We believe that creating high-quality content requires a customized approach that is unique to each project. We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and goals, and then we deliver cutting-edge solutions that use the latest technology to bring your project to life.

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Content Creation

Ready to tell your story? Have your voice heard? Rock the best Tik Tok Moves?

Let us assist you in starting/running, producing, and operating your own Podcast, Web series, News show, or other Online and TV content


Frontline staff, management, and corporate training should should not be a chore. Allow us to plan, prepare, manage and execute a winning strategy for your business. Also, we  can film your business training program and tutorials courses.


For over 20 years, we've been crafting creative and exciting strategies that shape and ignite brand acceleration. From concept ideation to execution, Upclose is here to help make your campaign memorable 


Upclose Studios has everything you need to ensure your shoot is a success. From pre- and post-shoot advice to image editing and touch-ups, our range of professional services ensure you’ll receive the picture perfect outcome. Whether it is for you, an event, or a new product you have - We are here or you


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